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Windsor Leisure Centre Mondays   >>>>   3-5.30 pm   Thursadys   2-4.30 pm    Fridays    2-5.30 pm
Slough Leisure Centre   
Maidenhead Leisure Centre
Ascot Leisure Centre
Cippenham Leisure Centre
Datchet Leisure Centre
Egham Leisure Centre
Tower Hamlets Testimonial

Table Tennis & Health Improvements

The best main tips :

You can play at any age and the rules are very simple

Gives you positive energy-good karma

Improves your eye-sight

Sharpens your hearing

Stabilises your blood pressure

Corrects your breathing

No contact with an opponent - no injuries

Enhances your reflexes and movements

Develops your balance ,speed and dexterity

Stimulates your thinking ability




Main picture - Windsor Boys School 2005 Windsor

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