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One to One Coaching

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One to One Coaching - any level from beginners to advanced players. 25 per hour

Beginners from age 5 - price negotiable for beginners - dependent on skills. Provide coachig at home or at the local leisure centre, can assist with the quality equmpent (Table Tennis Table)

Advanced Players - preparation into GB Grand Prix and international level preparation.

Europe championship, World championship, Commonwealth Games - price 35 per hour.

What a Wonderful Olympic Venue

Do you need training and accommodation in time for the Olympics?

The Hit-Beat-Win Club is situated 5 miles from Eton College Rowing Centre, venue for the 2012 Olympics. I can organise transport and accommodation in the area of Eton and Windsor, with it's grand castle and tourist attractions. I will act as your guide and reveal the world of table tennis, as seen through the eyes of a world class Russian coach.

At Hit-Beat-Win Club you can develop your table tennis skills, build confidence, become a winner and discover things you never thought possible in excellent surroundings.

For booking, prices and further information - please contact me
- and improve your skills with Hit Beat Win.

Picture right - Marina and Margarita Pesotskaya
(Europe Champion 2006 and 2009 Europe Silver Medalist at the practice hall in Kiev, Ukraine 2007).

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