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Marina Zarzycka is a nationally renowned table tennis coach sponsored by Stiga, she holds an ETTA Level 3 Coaching Certificate.

Marina is also the current UK silver Grand Prix Medallist and former USSR Gold Medallist.

In the picture above Marina is coaching one of her students, Max Baldry, who has been selected by Rowan Atkinson for the British Comedy 'Mr Bean on Holiday'. Currently Max is acting in the BBC2 Drama 'Rome'.

From the Year 2005-2007, Marina coached the Scottish Junior Champion Rebecca Russell who is competing in the Moscow Open, sponsored by Stiga. She has also coached Markos Maxwell who is studying at Eton College and now pursues table tennis as a competitive sport. Markos is representing the Irish National Team.

Since 1996 Marina has coached Margaretta Pesotskaya, who is the 2006 European Champion and 2009 Senior Europe Silver Medalist.

The London 2012 Olympic's will be a great opportunity for many new talents. Currently Marina's Table Tennis School promotes table tennis in Surrey, Berkshire and London, introducing an Olympic 2012 programme in to local schools and leisure centres.

Her programme includes:
Health improvements for any age
Long term athlete development for boys & girls
Table tennis programme for woman & girls with cooperation from Sheffield World Class Table Tennis of excellence.

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