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Group Coaching

10-12 children in one group boys and girl.


The school normally provides the equipment and hall if required, I can assist in obtaining any equipment required at a substantial discount. Another alternative migth be that I can organise facilites at the Windsor leisure centre for your school group.

Table tennis is Played all over the world in countries like England,France and Russia. In China and Sweden this sport is a National Game like football and Cricket In Britain.

Table Tennis is played out of five games, each game is out of 11 points. Each player has
two serves in turns. This game is very exciting as it can be played at any age anywhere:in sport hall or on holidays in a hotel.

Special companies make Table Tennis equipment as well as Tbale Tennis kit. There about 10 big brand names in Table Tennis business. Most recognised are Butterfly, Stiga, Donic. The bad has a standart size but the quality of wood as well as the quality of rubbers differ immensely. This is done to give a player with a particular style a chance to enhance his game. 

If you want to learn more about the intricate details of this wondreful game: spins, rotations, blocks and smashes , I am inviting you to join my training sessions.

After a couple of months of training, if you wish, you can participate in tournaments all over UK and possibly abroad. You will be able to meet new people ,make frends and see the world.


Main picture - Gayhurst School 2004-2006 where from Max Baldry has been selected by me to play TT, from the group to individual lessons(coaching one-one)

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